Tarot Brighton – A stroll down Brighton seafront and to JJ Tarot Madeira Drive

Posted by Secret Chiefs London, Monday 28 August 2017.

A stroll down Brighton seafront and to JJ Tarot, Madeira Drive.

It’s a quieter weekday, around lunchtime, as we park near The Colonnades and go past the tour operators’ buses.

Like a lot of people who follow the news, we’ve heard the story about the psychic who caught a murderer. We thought that next time we’re in Brighton we would like to check it out for ourselves.

When we arrive at JJ Tarot parlour, it has just opened a few minutes ago; however, there is already someone inside. A note on the closed door says ‘’Reading in progress’’.

By the entrance, we sit on the chairs provided for those waiting for a reading, while perusing through the big book filled with feedback from a satisfied clientele.

Passersby look at us waiting, deciding that they’ll come back later. Finally, the door opens and JJ appears saying goodbye to her smiling female customer.

JJ is warm and welcoming, making you feel at ease straight away. The tiny Tarot parlour has a charming atmosphere, a unique, feel good energy. We also meet JJ’s dear pet dog Millie the Yorkiepoo, curled up in her basket.

On the table, a large crystal ball and the famous Tarot cards that caught a murderer. JJ handles the cards then the consultation begins! JJ is a natural, perceptive and intuitive. She connects, describes things as she sees them, what’s happening in your life, with relevant, good common sense guidance. Her readings are helpful, practical, well grounded, detailed and right on.

Added to the above evaluation for JJ Tarot Brighton, Friday, 10 November, 2017. Dear Jayne, we saw you for a reading a few months back. Just to let you know that the events unfolded exactly as you predicted. It was lovely meeting you, a genuine and kind person. We understand why you have so many regular customers. Thanks again. We highly recommend this excellent reader.

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